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  Harvard high-insulation safety explosion-proof membrane adopts the industry's top double-silver multi-layer precious metal magnetron sputtering process. It uses 11 kinds of vacuum magnetron insulation layers, such as gold and silver, to build a vacuum magnetron insulation layer.

  At the same time, the thickness of the 3 mil substrate is twice the thickness of the ordinary film, the thickness of the mounting glue is 40%, the viscosity is higher, the tensile strength is increased by more than 120%, and the strength of the glass is greatly increased to prevent external impact (such as typhoon, accident). The broken glass caused by flying objects prevents the glass from splashing and hurting people, preventing the tempered glass from self-explosion, and is an invisible shield for personal safety.

  Blocks more than 99% of UV rays: equivalent to 100 layers of outdoor sunscreen, all-round care of your skin from UV damage. High-performance wear-resistant coating on the surface, easy to resist slight scratches, so that the glass is always bright and new. Environmentally friendly pollution-free adhesives, strictly enforce the double standards of the United States and the European Union environmental protection organizations, formaldehyde, benzene zero release, escort for family health. It can effectively reduce glare stimulation, filter glare pollution, and make the indoor environment more comfortable and pleasant.

  • NV-50