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  Harvard high-insulation safety explosion-proof membrane adopts the industry's top double-silver multi-layer precious metal magnetron sputtering process. It uses 11 kinds of vacuum magnetron insulation layers, such as gold and silver, to build a vacuum magnetron insulation layer. At the same time, the thickness of the 3 mil substrate is twice the thickness of the ordinary film, the thickness of the mounting glue is 40%, the viscosity is higher, the tensile strength is increased by more than 120%, and the strength of the glass is greatly increased to prevent external impact (such as typhoon, accident). The broken glass caused by flying objects prevents the glass from splashing and hurting people, preventing the tempered glass from self-explosion, and is an invisible shield for personal safety. Blocks more than 99% of UV rays: equivalent to 100 layers of outdoor sunscreen, all-round care of your skin from UV damage. No sunscreen is needed after filming.


Fashion health

Three silver magnetron

Safety explosion

Visible light

refractive index 30%

Double silver 11-layer precious metal magnetron

insulation layer, to the heat insulation experience


rejection rate 73%

Intelligent light and heat separation technology

, excellent balance of light transmission, heat insulation

and low reflection

Visible light/internal

reflectance 18/10%

99% UV barrier and high infrared reflection

for double skin and eyes

Total solar

energy barrier rate 68%

High-strength safety barrier, textile glass bursting

and splashing

UV blocking rate of 99.9%

Optical grade substrate and nano-scale dense coating

for clear visibility

Thickness (mil mil) 3mil

Elegant black and private color to protect the exclusive

space inside the car

  • NV-30